In practice

There are 3 different steps:

  • Meeting up with our clients, unloading and inflating the hot-air balloon at the designated departure point, boarding & take-off.
  • Flying for one hour (although it can take 1½ hrs in total)
  • Landing, folding the envelope, loading the balloon, having a drink and going back to the initial meeting point.

The meeting point

  • For morning flights on the shores of Lake Annecy, the meeting point is in Talloires early in the morning, at the Perroix paraglider landing area in front of the Attero restaurant. The address is rue du pré monteux.

Remember that you must confirm by phone the day before between 5 pm and 7 pm at +33(0) We will let you know the exact meeting time.


  • For late afternoon flights with the sunset over the Alps, the meeting point will be at the Lac de La Balme car park in Sillingy.

Don’t forget that you must confirm by phone in the morning between 11 am and 13 pm at +33(0) We will let you know the exact meeting time.


  • Finally, if you have booked a Grand Massif flight (Les Carroz – Flaine), the meeting point will be at Les Carroz d’Arâches.

You must contact us the evening before between 6 pm and 7 pm on +33(0) 6 81 67 74 64 so we can confirm your flight together. We will inform you of the exact time as well as the meeting address.

How to book a flight?

To reserve a flight is simple :

  • go to the TO BOOK page, choose the kind of flight you want and the number of passengers.
  • choose the flight day.
  • the total amount will be displayed
  • then enter your personal information
  • confirm the order

The order becomes valid as soon as the required deposit is received.


Before the flight, do not hesitate to look up the weather forecasts for the planned date.

Hot air balloons can only take off in winds of less than 20 km/h, they cannot take off if it rains, snows or fogs.

Find the detailed weather forecast for Annecy on

Your questions

  • Is it cold up there ?

    The hot-air balloon moves as fast as the wind does so there is no ‘wind-chill’ factor, and the burner creates heating on top of your head; so you just need to dress normally according to the season, in casual clothes and comfortable shoes.

  • How do you pilot a hot-air balloon ?

    The wind dictates the direction, so the pilot just controls the ascent and descent but by understanding the wind direction and altitude, the pilot can calculate the impact on the balloon trajectory.

  • How do we go back to the take off place ?

    The wind rarely takes us back to where we started! But don’t worry as the return to your meeting point will be made with the use of our 4-wheel drive vehicles that follow the balloons and keep in permanent contact with the pilot.

  • What about planes flying near the balloon ?

    All our balloons are equipped with a transponder that gives our position by radar to any planes flying nearby. Moreover, we always keep in touch with the local control tower, so it’s easy to be identified and seen by the others, and very easy to change our altitude if needed.

  • Do we feel dizzy ?

    To feel vertigo you need to be on the floor as it’s defined as the feeling of moving when you are not. But should you feel any fear just mention it to your pilot who will adapt his flight so as to ensure you have total pleasure.

  • Can we fly anywhere ?

    Flights are controlled in some areas, for example, next to an airport where we identify ourselves by radio and request for permission to go through their airspace.

  • Where are we going to land ?

    Given we cannot dictate the direction of the wind, it’s not possible to set  a specific landing point, therefore we find a suitable landing point such as a small road or an uncultivated field, taking care not to disturb anybody.

  • Can anybody fly ?

    The hot-air balloon is permitted to carry children of 8 years and above and adults of any age. For very high flights a health certificate may be requested. If you have any concerns, simply advise the pilot before taking off or during the flight.

    Pregnant women cannot fly.

  • If you have more questions please write to us and we will be happy to respond with concise details.